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About Us

GB Lancers is a UK based online hybrid global marketplace which founded in the year 2020. GB lancers pride itself in making it easy for clients and freelancers to connect, collaborate, and get work done, which is ideal especially for freelancers, agencies, and business owners who value their time more than anything.  By making it easy for freelancers to create powerful profiles, cover photos, intro video, and showcase their experience, business owners won’t have a hard time finding the talent to suit their needs.


We have a professional team of developers, support agents, and think tanks to dose you with the latest technology and to support you during every single second that you spend on this platform. Our staff members have years of experience and expertise under their belt and know what they are doing and what they need to support in the near future.


Our vision is to create an economic opportunity for every member of global workforce. We aimed to provide universal access for buyer and seller with the ease of their own pace and place.


1- General: 
Our mission is to provide a hybrid platform in the freelance industry where you could be a buyer and a seller at the same time. We even go one step forward with our artificial intelligence to provide hassle free experience to our buyers where we suggest/find the best possible freelancers for our customers.

2- For Disabled Persons:
We introduced special packages for skilled disabled persons who are generally ignored all around the globe and have minimum or no opportunities of work. Our mission is to make them able to be a value able citizen of global community.

3- For Third World Countries:
Freelancers of these countries are more deprived and need more job opportunities. Our mission is to provide job opportunities to everyone everywhere so we could be more human than ever before.


We will nurture a sense of confidence through transparent and secure transactions.

Welcoming professionals from all walks of life and recognizing their individual needs.

We are being fair and ethical in all that we do.

We are encouraging ownership of actions and interactions to ensure harmony on GB Lancer.

Practicing a resilient attitude and encouraging a positive work environment.



GB Lancers offers many unique and advanced features that make it standout from others.

1- Hybrid Platform:
Same platform for both sides of the marketplace – Freelancers and Buyers.

2- Free Gold Membership for Skilled Disabled:
We provide special package and facilities to professional skilled disabled freelancers and buyers all around the world.

3- Unique Profile Feature:
We have provided complete show case to our freelancers including back cover and intro videos in order to attract more clients.

4- Unique Project Tracking:
Track your project progress with percent bar (how many % completed) at daily basis. There is also built in file sharing & comprehensive internal live chat system.

5- Artificial Intelligence:
Our Neural Network will choose the best freelancers for you.

6- Invoice:
Our system enable buyers to generate and download invoices automatically from private transaction page.

7- Service Packages:
Freelancer have 2 options to create “single service” or “multiple services packages” (Basic, Standard and Premium) for maximum flexibility, convenience and increased revenue. They can also create customize offer for their clients.

8- Auto Advertisement:
Automatically advertise your job board on places like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is new feature in freelance service market place system ever.

9- Lowest Commission & Membership Fee:
We offer the lowest commission & membership fee structure sellers and buyers.

10- Premium Community Forum:
We have the most advanced community forum for our users.


Message From CEO:
Coming from a freelancing background, I know very well the common problems of the freelance community. Heavy fee structures, complex communication tools, no dedicated customer support ETC… All of the bad treatment that I’ve received from the giants of the industry has driven me to create this platform today.


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